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Craig, at Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture has been a life saver for me. I have been challenged with chronic diarrhea for over 30 years. I had been diagnosed with IBS, stomach ulcers, and an eroding esophagus. I have had every diagnostic test & taken a variety of prescription drugs with very little resolute. My digestive problems controlled my life. I learned about Craig from my massage therapist who said “Ro, you should give acupuncture a try, what do you have to lose? “ I was hesitant but made the appointment. I was very impressed with the first visit with Craig. He was professional; truly interested in me and what were my major concerns. I am amazed that after six treatments I am now in control of my life. The diarrhea is not just under control it is gone! My entire digestive system has improved. If you have ever wondered would acupuncture work for my condition, try it, it is amazing.

Roanna D.


As a combat veteran in the army who served 10 years and a former WCAP champion, I've had my fair share of injuries. I used to be in constant pain. I saw immediate results from the first time I saw Mr. Amrine. The (acupuncture) treatment also brought a very relaxing feeling to my entire body. I've even slept better since.
Thank you Doc!

Eric P.


I was experiencing severe back pain and no previous forms of treatment worked. I was at a point where I was willing to give anything a try, when someone suggested I see Craig about acupuncture.

By nature, I'm a skeptic, so I began acupuncture treatments with low expectations. I can attest that Craig's acupuncture treatment began working instantly. Not only was my back consistently pain free but I was surprised to find out acupuncture could treat hundreds of injuries and ailments. Craig has successfully treated a couple of other chronic injuries, in addition to my back.

I highly recommend Craig for acupuncture treatments, as he's pleasant, professional, and affective!

Thad S.


My name is Scott and am 38 yrs old. I hurt my back a few years ago at work and I've had chronic back pain and numbness in my legs ever since. I've gone to a Chiropractor many times and it just temporarily fixed the problem.

I work out at the
Lion’s Den with Craig Amrine and one day I told him about my back pain and he told me he could help me using Acupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy. So I gave it a try, after the first session I could feel a dramatic difference and I still had four treatments to go. By the time I was done with all five treatments my back felt as if I had never hurt it . It's been about three months since my last session with Craig and I still feel great.

I would highly recommend Craig and his Acupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy to anyone who has any type of nagging pain or joint discomfort

Thank You, Craig. You have changed my life.

Scott T.


"Craig, you are the acupuncture miracle worker. My knee feels great. No pain and just a slight limp. To everyone out there: If your hurting, don't take pills, go see craig. He is amazing. Thanks to you, I'll be hiking through the amazonian rainforest in a couple of days"

-Kelly W.


“I started seeing Craig to see if acupuncture would help release me from my dependency on conventional medicine for control of my allergies and asthma. I have suffered from both all of my life. I was getting allergy shots, taking daily pills and inhalers to "control" my symptoms. Ten weeks after my first treatment I am inhaler free and have not taken an allergy pill in about 6 weeks!! FREEDOM! Craig's knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail has released me from all western medicinal treatments and I am continuing to train for my first marathon inhaler free. His skill and compassion for my individual case made the experience peaceful while getting powerful results. His conviction for his practice and his passion for the human body drives him to see each person perform at his/her optimum level. Thanks Craig”

-Samantha M.

“After my first acupuncture treatment with Craig, pain in my back that used to be uncomfortable all day long no longer felt intolerable.
Craig has an amazing ability to bring new information to my attention, and a talent to help me see that which is so obvious, I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me before.

Acupuncture helped to relieve my back pain and on Craig’s expert advice-when I gave myself permission to rest from my yoga practice my back had the time and the space to integrate his healing"

-Brandy Jacob
“For many years, I had suffered pain in my neck and shoulder making a simple action such as looking over my shoulder in traffic very painful. Before my visit to Craig's clinic, I knew very little about acupuncture. Before any work started on my neck, Craig explained the process in detail and answered my questions about how acupuncture works as well as my concerns about procedure safety. I was very skeptical, however the results I felt were immediate. As I drove home, I realized my pain was greatly reduced as I could now look over my shoulder without "stabbing pains" I had experienced in the past. The next day I felt even better! Craig has many years of study and practice in this field and will answer all of your questions, and for me was very reassuring as I was exploring a new and unfamiliar treatment for my pain."

-Curt B.
“My acupuncture experience with Craig can only be described as wonderful. He has a calming way about his interactions. He jokes, he is serious, he listens. He gained my trust and worked me through my questions and fears. He was appropriate to every moment. I needed that. It was nice to have someone focus on me and truly take interest in how my body could be healed through acupuncture.

Craig creates a healing and calming experience and rejuvenates one’s soul”

-Stephanie Miller
“Although our work is not finished yet, I want you to know how much I appreciate all you have done fore me with acupuncture. You have great knowledge, and your interest in helping people shines through continuously. I always pick up some new tidbit of information from you, even though I’m not always sure what to do with it. I think you may not even know how good you are. Your positive attitude always brings me “up”, especially after I’ve fought traffic to get to the office. And you’re so damn funny! Even when I shouldn’t laugh, with a needle in my forehead or stomach, I just can’t help it."

-Brenda Herrick
“I really have fun when I come with my mom to your office. You are very funny, and a cool guy. I think you are very good. and since the needles never hurt my mom, that is good.

I’m still glad that my knuckles are okay so that I don’t need any acupuncture. It’s nice that you sometimes have chocolates for us. And I like that you told me that acupuncture is good for helping people with asthma."
I will bring you another lollipop next time I see you”

-Layne Herrick
"Thank you so much for treating my severe sciatic nerve pain. After going through back surgery about 10 years ago, I knew that I did not want to pursue traditional treatment this time around. Your treatment and the knowledge you shared helped me through the pain and the fear. I am amazed at how acupuncture relieved all of my sciatic nerve pain and I am thrilled at how a few other problems were treated as well!!"

--Janet H.
I have gained much more than just physical benefits from my acupuncture treatments. I have found that treatment has helped me to release emotional scars as well and helped me to maintain a more calm demeanor in all of life. During these stressful times, the overall relaxation gained has been priceless."

- Stacie S.
I begin seeing Craig Amrine for a pain in my right arm (similar to tennis elbow) that had not gone away for approximately 5 months with Western medical treatments. After only a few visits with Craig, I can honestly say the pain in my arm is now gone!

Craig Amrine is highly professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I felt he truly cared about me as a patient. Additionally, I highly respect the fact that Craig's primary goal was to get me better, healed and back to 100%.

Without question, I would recommend Craig and his services to any friends and family who have any current health and/or pain issues. ?

- Karen C.


I had a cold laser treatment on my knee after being kicked by a horse and was amazed with the immediate results. The laser treatment is non-invasive and completely safe, no worries about scars or burns. Had I not used laser treatments I would have spent several hours in the emergency room and many days thereafter trying to deal with a swollen, painful knee.

Cold lasers can be used for many purposes so I would highly recommend these treatments to anyone seeking relief from any sort of pain throughout their body.

Jeanne E.


Three things I could not do for the last two years without excruciating foot pain:
Wear high heels, stand on my tip-toes, run.
Thanks to Craig, I can do all of them after only a few treatments! Thank you Craig!

Thanks a billion,

Jennifer C.

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