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Tempe Scottsdale Cold Laser Therapy
Laser therapy at our clinic

The cold laser system used at our clinic is an FDA approved Infra-red laser cluster consisting of
4 lasers at 500 milliwatts per emitter. The Apollo laser was chosen over a variety commercial systems due to its quality, reputation, and most importantly, its overall power output of 2000 milliwatts. Most cold laser systems used in the field offer only a fraction of this output energy, consequently requiring much longer treatment times**

Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture utilizes the Apollo Laser system to aid in the treatment and healing of musculo-skeletal pain. For skin-level conditions including acne, wrinkle or scar reduction, rosacea, shingles and herpes, point source and cluster lasers emitting in the visible red wavelength are used.

Aside from utilizing these powerful lasers for localized conditions, our point source lasers can be used on specific acupuncture points. Several studies suggest that laser acupuncture can be effective in treating common diseases at times when acupuncture needles are considered inappropriate. Patients who are very old, very young, or are extremely fearful of needles would be likely candidates for laser acupuncture.

**When researching “Laser Therapy Clinics” and “Pain Centers” offering laser therapy, I strongly encourage patients to ask these centers on both the type of laser they use, and more importantly, the output power of their laser systems. Many of these centers use lasers that are no stronger than those used in a simple laser pointer found in your local drug store (5 milliwatts). Lasers at these power levels lack both the penetration depth and power to positively affect the tissue in a reasonable amount of time. If these centers cannot give a straight answer on laser power or claim that their LED (light-emitting-diode) system is just as effective, walk away. Decent cold-laser systems should be at least 70 milliwatts of continuous power. Some laser companies will try to get around this rule by claiming extremely high laser powers, but the beam is pulsed in extremely short bursts. Nearly all clinical studies are done with continuous laser systems, NOT these pulsed systems. In my opinion, stay away from these super high-power-but-pulsed-systems until further research has been published.

Additional information on the science and background of cold laser therapy can be found in our published articles page or by clicking here.

What is a laser therapy treatment like?

Since our lasers are considered "cold-lasers", there is no burning or damage to bodily tissue. The patient might feel a slight tingling or warmth due to increased circulation, but the overall treatment should be completely painless. Due to the exceptional power of our laser systems, treatment times are typically no longer than 20 minutes

When can I see results?

Like traditional acupuncture, laser therapy is a tool to promote healing. We recommend several treatments to yield positive results. While some patients report improvement after just one treatment, we recommend a minimum of two treatments per week for three weeks to yield the highest chance of success.

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